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About Conrad Deas

A. Conrad Deas II, 

Do you want to Live Everyday On Purpose in every area of your life, beginning with your role as a husband?
That's what I'm here to help you do.

That's me in the picture with the beautiful lady, who just happens to be my wife, Jennifer.

I went from her looking at me with disappointment, to her looking at me how she is in that picture in 30 days.

But before we get to me, let's talk about you...

You Can Become a Better Man and Build a Better Marriage 

And I want to help you.  But first, a quick story.

Approximately 20 - 50 years ago, a kid was born.  To protect the innocent, let's call him Jack. Jack couldn't do anything but poop, pee, eat, sleep, and cry, like ever other kid. 

A few months later, Jack thought it may be possible for him to move on his own like the big people around him. So he tried to move. And he failed. He tried to move again. And he failed again. 

Jack figured out moving one way wasn't going to work, so he tried to move a different way. After many attempts, many failures, and many reattempts, one day... 

Jack rolled over!!!  

He's on the move now. Well not really, but he thinks he is. Jack figures, "If I can roll over maybe I can actually get to everything these big people never take me to!" 

So he tries to move a different way. And you guessed it, he fails. All he can do is roll over. Jack gets frustrated, he cries, and he keeps trying to move. Weeks go by and finally... 

Jack scoots!!! 

It's not much, but he's  one centimeter closer to everything he's not supposed to touch! Jack is making progress. 

Eventually, Jack learns how to scoot faster and further. And eventually he learns how to crawl and soon he's touching everything he's not supposed to. 

And finally after stumbling, falling, and enduring the humiliation of not getting it right the first few times, Jack figures out how to walk. 

The same kid who couldn't even face a different way just a few months ago, is now getting his hands into everything he dreamed about before. 

You were Jack. 

You went from eat, sleep, poop, and pee all day to walking around getting in trouble in a relatively short amount of time. 

How did you go from laying in your own poop 
to the accomplished man you are today? 

How did you go from not being able to move, to turning over? From not being able to scoot, to walking? From being scared to talk to girls, to marrying your wife? 

As you've progressed through life, everything that you couldn't do before and can do now, are things you've accomplished. 

You've accomplished a lot. Congratulations! 

One of your biggest accomplishments, and I hope you'd agree is marrying your wife. At some point you two probably didn't know each other. Eventually you got to know each other and somehow you convinced her to spend the rest of her life alongside you. 

From learning to walk and not poop on yourself, to marrying your wife... What do all these things have in common? 

You did them On Purpose

Whether you wanted to gain something, or avoid something, you purposefully did whatever you had to do to accomplish what you set out to do. 

In the dating stages we do a lot of stuff on purpose. We make sure our potential wife knows that we are attracted to her. We show her that she is important to us. We make sure she knows we love her. She doesn't have to question whether or not we want to be with her. 

We do all of this... On Purpose. We date her On Purpose and eventually we get married On Purpose. 

Unfortunately, as my friend Donnie Bryant said,

"Most of us get married on purpose... then we end up being a husband on accident." 

Why is that? How do we go from being so purposeful to being so thoughtless?

Well it's pretty easy actually. From my own experience and what other husbands have told me, it's easy to slip into a mode of the mundane, operate on autopilot, and get stuck in a rut. 

With the pressure of all the perceived responsibilities of being a husband, is it a wonder that you can forget to actually be a husband?

In Husband On Purpose you will learn 

  • How to Get Out of Autopilot Mode and Make Sure Your Wife Knows You Don't Take Her For Granted
  • How to Establish Loving Habits to Last a Lifetime 
  • How to Avoid the Ruts that Will Keep You Doing The Same Things In the Same Ways

After reading this you’ll know how to discover the specific steps that can help you become a “hero” in your wife’s eyes. 

This book is not about theory and as you’ll see I’ve come to learn that guessing is a waste of time. You’re about to get actionable steps that you can test for yourself. 

If the specifics steps I took and take don’t work for you, you’ll know how to discover the steps that will work for you.  You'll also be invited to join a community of men that will help keep you on the track of being a better husband no matter what your specific steps are. 

You'll also learn

  • How to Guarantee Your Wife Knows She is More Important Than Anything Else in Your Life 
  • How to Communicate With Her Better 
  • How to Overcome Problems and Challenges Quicker Than You Ever Have 

You will finally have a better understanding of your wife and her needs. 

If you’ve ever heard your wife say, “I just don’t feel connected to you” or anything similar, Husband On Purpose shows you how to turn that feeling around for the both of you. This is the process I used to go from my wife telling me that she felt “distant and not connected” to me, to a month later her telling me “You have been great, I trust you more, I’m grateful for the turnaround in our marriage and relationship. I’m so happy with where we’re headed...” 

The month of my 30th birthday I had this “genius” thought come to me that I wanted to make sure my wife knew she was loved by me and never had to second guess that. 

Six months after my 30th birthday, I was at one of the lowest points in my marriage. 

I failed. 

Seven months after my 30th birthday, I had a better marriage than I even knew was possible! 

A dramatic shift happened in my marriage. I had to share it with a few friends and now I’m sharing it with you.  My friends have their own success stories from the bits and pieces I shared with them.  Now I look forward to you sharing your own success story very soon.

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About Conrad Deas

"What is your most valued possession?"

I was asked that question once, and immediately what came to my mind, is my relationships. 

The person asking the question was likely looking for a different answer, but I tend to look at things differently. 

Family is extremely high on my “hierarchy of focus”. My wife and my three sons are the closest things to my heart, right after Jesus Christ. My extended family follows close behind.
Conrad & Jennifer Deas
I currently live in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, NV. I began growing up in South Carolina, tried to finish in Georgia and Florida, and maybe Las Vegas will be the place it finally happens.

I really love people because I find us extremely interesting. I am fascinated by the way our minds work and the way we behave. 

I'm also fascinated with with creating things. Things to encourage, uplift, and educate you. Creating things brings me a lot of satisfaction. 

My mission now is to create things that help you Live Everyday On Purpose.

Lately, I am doing that mainly through writing. I am a marketing & sales professional by trade, but I was born a writer.

I wrote my first book in elementary school. It was about a kid who took karate lessons and that’s all I remember. My mom actually had me print it out and staple it together so it could look like an actual book. She’s a pretty smart lady.

My first published book came out in 2010 and I have a dozen or so more that will be out soon. 

By 2020 I’ll have enough books to fill 
a bookshelf like 
John Maxwell does at 
Barnes & Noble. 

My second published book was released in 2011 and is featured in Regent University’s Social Media & Internet Marketing (COM 507) and Digital Media Marketing (SCA 507) courses as a Recommended Reading Resource alongside Jeffrey Gitomer, Joel Comm, and a few other expert authorities.

Having a shelf full of books written by me is not for me though. Indirectly I guess, but really it’s for YOU. If you’re into becoming a better person On Purpose, it’s for you. If you’re into improving your life On Purpose, it’s for you. If you’re into improving the lives of the people around you On Purpose, it’s for you.

My mission is to help you Live Everyday On Purpose. I believe the best way to do that is through the ignition and the fuel to living purposefully, Humble Courage.

I am here to serve you if you’re looking to learn how you can better serve others.

Most of my professional background is in Customer/Client Service, Sales, & Marketing. I also have experience in Logistics Management and Security and Law Enforcement. I’m a proud United States Air Force Veteran. I’ve also done a lot of work in Retail Sales and Small Business Consulting.

No matter what field I’m in, my goal is to learn and serve.

How Can I Help You?

Are you a husband looking to become a better man so you can build a better marriage? That’s who I’m helping right now.

I look forward to progressing in the journey of life with you.

A. Conrad Deas II

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