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Husband On Purpose

"Your 30 Day Action Plan to Become a Better Man and Build a Better Marriage"
"Conrad Deas has given us a step-by-step blueprint that can quickly transform your marriage by transforming who you're being. This book tells you exactly what you need to do in order to become the husband you're capable of being, who can create the marriage you've always wanted."  
- Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning
"Conrad's content is meaty! It's not often that a man will go to this depth to show his wife love. The fact that he saw a breakthrough in 30 days, that he didn't see in 6 months, by being more purposeful is amazing. I believe you'll see the same breakthrough if you'll commit yourself to be a Husband On Purpose." 
- Kevin Bullard, President of Marriage Works!, Inc.
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Husband On Purpose Book Cover
"I've always secretly prided myself on being a good husband. Husband On Purpose revealed an embarrasing amount of B.S. behavior on my part. The road hasn't been easy, but the results have been more than worth the effort. After 13 years of marriage, I think I'm finally starting to 'get it'. My wife and I are closer and happier than ever."
- Donnie Bryant
Direct Response Copywriter

What Will You Learn?

4 Powerful Questions That Will Show You EXACTLY What to Focus On to Improve Your Relationship With Your Wife
Husband On Purpose 60 Seconds
A 60 Second Tecnique That Will Help You Keep a Good Day From Getting Bad and a Bad Day from Getting Worse
Husband On Purpose 6 Steps
The 6 Step Sequence to D.I.S.A.R.M. B.S. Mediocrity from Existing in Your Marriage 
Husband On Purpose 60 Seconds
 How To Appear To Read Your Wife's Mind and Make Her Fall In Love With You Like It's The First Time
Husband On Purpose Ingredients
The 3 Synergistic Ingredients (AMA) You Need to Maintain the Upward Spiral Your Marriage Will Be On After Reading Husband On Purpose
"Conrad shows us the way to create a better marriage is to create a better self. By wearing his heart on his sleeve, Conrad gives us actionable steps on how to be a better man. YOU are the catalyst to change. Let Conrad carry the torch to light your way."
- Lance S., Health & Wellness Coach and PharmD, Doctor of Pharmacy
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Take a Peek Inside

From Laying In Your Own Poop to Being an Accomplished Man
Questions to Increase The Quality of Your Marriage 
Tip The First Domino (The Focusing Question) 
Speak Her Dialect (The Challenge Question)
Be Humble, Be Courageous (The Feedback Question)
My Wife’s Dialect & How I Can Speak It Worksheets
The Missing Ingredient
D.I.S.A.R.M. B.S. Mediocrity
Opportunity or Obligation
Your 30 Day Challenge 
 Your Hero Story
Your Challenge to Be Committed
Your First One Percent
Your BEST Is Not Required
The Ben Franklin Method to Being a Husband On Purpose 
You’re Invited (The Last Ingredient)
30 Day Husband On Purpose Journal

Conrad & Jennifer Deas

Hi, I'm Conrad

Are you the man and husband you decided to be? 

Or did you drift to this point mostly on autopilot? 

If you aren't the best husband you can be - but you'd like to be - keep reading. 

 "Most of us get married on purpose... then we end up being a husband on accident."

This book lays out specific action steps to help you find out what your wife wants and give it to her EXACTLY the way she wants it. Without being a "push-over".

Impossible? Inside is a simple way to cheat your way to success. (Actually, this IS impossible if you don't cheat.) 

I'd like to tell you the path to becoming a Husband on Purpose is easy. That would be dishonest. The road gets tough sometimes...but it's not as tough as having a crappy marriage. 

"I feel distant and disconnected from you." 

Six months BEFORE my wife said those words to me, I decided I wanted to be a better husband. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. 

Obviously I was wrong. I failed. 

30 days AFTER she said those words to me, our marriage was better than we knew it could be.  

Husband On Purpose covers the process I used to go from one of the lowest points in my marriage to a marriage better than I knew was possible.

It covers the questions I asked and steps I took to shift the way I show up in life and in my marriage. 

Other husbands are experiencing similar results. 

Are YOU ready to be a Husband On Purpose? 

Progress doesn't happen accidentally. Don't settle for being less than who you can be! Your wife deserves better. 

Download this book. Read it. Implement what you learn. Your wife will thank you.
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